Techno Diesel

Several key words come to mind to sum up our experiences with Momentium: "Ouch" "Why" and "Why not"! Ouch because it hurts. The discussions facilitated the updates of paradigms, habits and made us react. And whether it's the "why" or "why not", that’s eternal... we had to question (our ways) of doing and thinking. The different approaches we took with Momentium helped us figure out what to look for, to create something new while being supported in our sometimes uncertain steps.

Momentium’s team is strong, intelligent and hardworking. We always worked as a team in our projects and always felt supported. With supporting calculations, the processes are reliable, structured and they spark change. And they have the finesse to take into consideration our history, our values and our needs. Working with Momentium was often disturbing for us... but it was still very, very educational!

Caroline Thuot, General Manager

Techno Diesel


Our experience with Momentium was pleasant, simple and exceeded our expectations. They took charge of us until the end of the mandate and they were able to deliver everything on time and within our budgets. Their professional team met our pace and supported us through the challenges that we had identified together. We have no doubt that we have increased the value of our company with the help of Momentium.

Thanks to the entire team for your commitment in achieving our results.

Alain Gauthier, General Manager


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