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Inventory reduction by 30%.



Improvement in the customer service rate > 99% by increasing the number of items kept in stock while reducing the inventory level.



Inventory level and real time data accuracy.


Do you meet your
expected customer service level?

Supply chain process

Model, understand and improve your value stream.

Do you have difficulty with on time delivery or maintaining the expected customer service?
Or: validate if your manufacturing and distribution infrastructure is good enough to support your promise, (your values, your value proposition…)

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Strategic analysis

Develop and deploy your manufacturing and distribution strategy according to your current and future needs.

Do you have the ideal inventory level? Do you have too much work in progress (WIP)? Do you know your products’ cost? Validate if you have the right processes, the right purchasing and manufacturing parameters.

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Planning and synchronizing activities

Organize your manufacturing and distribution activities.

Do you regularly change your work priorities ?

Validate if your workload exceeds your current capacity or if you are working on non-priority activities.

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Inventory management

Optimize your inventory according to your organization.

Do you have an optimal inventory level?
How does your inventory level compare to your industry?
Is the performance below expectations?
Are your supervisors overwhelmed?

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Implement and manage your activities efficiently.

Produce the proper work schedules reflecting your constraints, specifications and abilities as well as delivery dates required by customers for all your receiving, production, inventory and order picking activities.

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Warehouse reconfiguration

Reconfigure your warehouse and improve your operational performance.

Validate if your goods are positioned in the appropriate warehouse location ensuring good operational performance. Talk to Momentium’s experts.

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