Administrative process

Business processes and the relevant performance indicators.

Is your key information up-to-date and reliable?

Is your key information readily available to be extracted or used immediately when required within your business processes or to perform an analysis?

An efficient business process is a fast processing sequence of reliable information received, delivering an expected result without unnecessary delays.

Only properly configured, standardized, well executed and well controlled processes lead to higher operational performance.

To better comprehend a process, it is necessary to map the sequence of activities/tasks and understand the input/data used, as well as the process outputs/deliverables.

The development of an improved process will consider the targeted process capacity, the allowable response time between the first phase and the final phase, as well as the organizational, technological and financial constraints of the process.

Implementation of a new improved process must:

  • be aligned with your strategic goals;
  • provide strategic advantages;
  • allow operational and financial gains;
  • generate and update relevant performance indicators.

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